Taking care of our health

Thought I'd post a brief repeat of something I had on one of my other blogs...

There is a lot of negative publicity about homeopathy, which is too bad because everyone needs choices as to what kind of meds they are able to use. People that are sensitive to "conventional" medicine, that have bad reactions and such, need to have something they can take. Many of us have turned to homeopathy after having tried those kinds of meds with no success -- or worse.

Here are some informative links from The Epoch Times website articles by Dr. Ronald D. Whitmont on homeopathy and injuries. Part 1 considers the dangers of NSAIDS and gets you ready for Part 2, on understanding the use of homeopathy. Part 3 is about how homeopathy works, explanations of placebo and nocebo responses, and interesting points on homeopathy in veterinary, pediatric uses, and cases of unconsciousness. And finally, Part 4 names some specific homeopathic medicines for sports and exercise injuries.

Our family will continue to use homeopathy as our primary source of medicine as we have for over 20 years. If you are looking for a safe alternative, you should give homeopathy a try.

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