What to say about us...?
We've been happily married for a long time!

We started our own janitorial company in 1980, and have kept it small. Determined that the making of money would not be our goal in life, we wanted to spend as much time as possible doing things that were important to us. We've always been together doing things, so much so one little dear just called us "NoeCindy" -- we loved it!

Jane Austen is one of our favorite authors, and Pride and Prejudice one of our favorite books. So it seemed only natural that Noe take pen in hand and write our view of Mr. Darcy, 
the mirror version of P&P from Darcy's point of view -- a book we've self-published entitled Mr Darcy falls in love. You can find it as an e-book on Amazon, and it will soon be available in print.

Noe is also the author of the Sarah’s World series, a set of digital books for kids, containing lots of links that will keep them and their parents happy. He wrote The Juan: The World's Greatest, Most Famous Mexican Detective which we had as a weekly blog story till nearly the end of the first case, but now you'll have to get the e-book on Amazon to find out what happened! The second story is already written, and the third on its way, but not published yet.

Cindy says:
To let you know a little more about him, Noe is an avid reader and loves music as varied as classical to classic rock, which is to be expected having been a teenager through the late sixties and early seventies. He says it is his love for me that inspires him to poetic expressions, of which I have a written collection that is very much cherished. His creative expression is not limited to writing; he loves to draw and make art from wood using a scroll saw, and he's really great at that. We've posted a few of those on here, but I'll have to post more of that some time.

Noe says:
Cindy edits our books and offers critical analysis. She loves to study, and has a penchant for tedious computer work, teaching herself by doing Internet research on how-to-do-it. Her tenacity for finding out how to do things on the computer and online is one of my seven wonders. After saying all this about her, I am almost embarassed to say she also crochets! But to put the wonder back, I should mention she crochets grocery store plastic bags into permanently usable items... you call that plarn, another thing she learned how to do from the Internet. She is the engine and wheels of the auto that is our family, whereas I am the fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror; but no, we don’t have fuzzy dice in our car.

You can email us at: noeandcindy.write at gmail dot com  -- I wrote it like this so that spammers won't be able to grab the email address... be sure not to just copy and paste when you try to email us ;-)