Our 34th wedding anniversary is this month, and it set me to thinking: we humans put greater emphasis on anniversaries of multiples of five. To mention to someone that we will be celebrating our 34th draws a, “Congratulations for being married so long!” On our 35th (just as on our 5th, 10th, 15th, and so on), there will be the additional, “Are you planning something special?”  

If, for instance, the 5th was special, why wouldn’t the 6th be more special by virtue of it being a year more? It’s funny that on the subject of anniversaries, be they marriage or any other, those multiple-of-five dates seem more significant, but when it comes to money the addition of the one is met with its obvious import... it would be easily understood that having that extra dollar is better than not having it.

Would we be congratulated if, after twenty years, our marriage ended with, “At least you made it to the big 2-0!”, instead of still being married for another year? Or if our marriage ended sometime before next year, would we be bemoaned as not having been able to make it to the big 3-5?

So then, why do those anniversaries that are multiples of five seem more significant, and all the others that come between less so? Do all cultures have similar regard for such milestones in time? I find myself also considering such dates with some significance, which led me to ponder as I have on this. Our 30th was something, but our 34th is four years better!

I will endeavour to apply this new philosophy from henceforth, because every moment I have with my dear Cindy is worth celebrating. I am reminded of the 1969 song by The Spiral Starecase (correct spelling!), "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday", which expresses the point better than I can.
Happy Anniversary!