About "Sarah looks out the window"

We really enjoyed doing this book. I had an idea of Sarah having her cousin come stay for the summer, the way our cousins used to do when I was young. Well, sometimes it wasn’t all summer, and sometimes we were all staying at our grandmother’s house, but still ... seems that’s missing in a lot of young people’s lives these days.

For a time at the trailer park my uncles owned -- which they named after me: Cindy Acres! -- a lot of families in the military would live there instead of on the base. That way they could have a little more “normal” family life, I guess. Anyway, we got to be friends with many of these families, and one of them had a daughter the same age as me, with another daughter the same age as my sister. Margaret was my friend there for two summers, and we played together when we’d go visit my grandmother on weekends during school and in the winter.

Margaret was so cute and funny, with a great sense of humor. I loved her laugh, and so did she, actually. When she got a new cassette player, we had so much fun listening to our own voices on playback -- little did we know, you really sound different to everyone else than you do to yourself! But Margaret especially liked to laugh and play that back over and over, silly girl!

Noe wanted to use the idea of Sarah and her cousin Margaret in his second book of the Sarah’s World series, Sarah looks out the window. And he’s always been interested in birds and knows which is which, not like me! He sees one and asks, did you see that Mockingbird?... or Redheaded Woodpecker, or Red-winged Blackbird and so on. Of course, I hardly ever do, I’m not as keen-eyed as him.

Anyway, taking these two subjects, he put them together into such a cool story! And we self-published it on Amazon Kindle, but this time added a bunch of illustrations, unlike our first one, Sarah and Pcee. I love the way Noe is able to draw his own ideas of what Sarah would look like, how her yard would be, the decorations in her room.... even the expressions of the birds’ faces! Guess you can tell, I’m no artist ...

We also took advantage of the fact that, in an ebook, you can add links to websites with more information, so we looked around for some good ones and put the links at the end. It makes such a nice addition.

If you haven’t had a chance to get this book, please do -- I know you’ll like it ~

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !