Kindle Fire, HD or 7", or something else?

Do you own a Kindle Fire? I can’t decide if I want one of these or an Android tablet, but I’m leaning more toward Android.

I found this article enlightening: Amazon caves in, will remove ads from Kindle Fire for $15 fee.
I must say, it bothered me to learn that there even are ads on those things, much more so that Amazon was thinking of not allowing people to get rid of that, and way more so that it would cost you $15 if you wanted to do it!

So is there fine print some place that tells you there will be ads on these things? And just how big, how annoying are they? Are they already there on the original Kindle Fires? I know some friends that have them, just never thought to ask them about that. One person did say that if you want to be able to get to places other than Amazon stuff, he has to pay a monthly fee -- I couldn’t understand that either, not sure what he means by that. I mean, why would anyone like having one of these if you have to pay a monthly fee to use them? He says he doesn’t like or recommend Kindles, obviously.

Ok, then, tell me -- what’s been your experience, what do you like and not like about your tablet?? I’m looking to get one in the near future -- need your input, people!!
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Read about the new Kindles, pre-order till Sept 14 on the 7"; 
the HD is getting stacked up on pre-orders.... get in as soon as you can... 
if you want one :-)