Suggested Book: Breasts, A Natural and Unnatural History

New book worth mentioning:
Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams

I haven't read this book, was just reading about it and sounds worth looking into. Of course, there's always something you might not agree with, and for me it's the evolution part. But skipping past that, it seems to have a lot of info we may not know.

A couple of Amazon reviewers tell us:
Viewer D_shrink (5 stars): "The author discusses a very serious subject, in that most of book is devoted to breast cancer and its primary cause according to her which is carcinogens in the environment. Yet she approaches her subject in a humorous manner from the first page..."

Viewer K.H. Murdock (5 stars): "At it's core, it is a serious book, chock full of important information. Williams asks: Why are girls developing breasts at a younger age than ever before? What are the toxins in our environment doing to our breasts? How do the hormones in birth control pills affect our breasts?"

Viewer Frederick S. Goethel (5 stars): "I would highly recommend this book to all women as an owner's manual. It contains a great deal of information that women should know about the state of breast cancer research, as well as breast self-examination and how the breast actually functions. I would also highly recommend it to any male who has a female in his life."

If you read or have read it, let us know. It's also available in Kindle format.
Here's where I first read about it: Seventh Generation blog