Favorite songs: Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby

My Famous Uncles

Well, maybe not super famous... but sort of. They were well-known back in the 1940s and 50s, as much as many entertainers were back then, at least in the music industry.

Known as Jimmie & Leon, they did lots of “western” singing. In their very early days, they were Smokey and Bashful. They had radio shows, played with Ernest Tubb, and were even in a couple of movies with him. (Hollywood Barn Dance, Jamboree) They also had some groups of their own, such as The Texas Ramblers, but I don’t know who all was in that band with them. Later, together with brothers Buddy & Tommy, they had The Silver Saddle Roundup.

Here’s something interesting about them... their names (that’s why I said above “known as”). This is very confusing to my Noe, since no one in his family even has a middle name, so you may have to read it a few times! :-)

It’s like this:
Jimmie Short’s name was Joe Melvin, and when he was young, family called him Joebut later they called him J.M.
Leon’s name was Erwin Lee, called Erwin by the family when he was young, then always Leon.
Buddy’s name was James Royce, called Jimmy when he was younger; 
sometime later, I guess, he started being called Buddy because Joe stole his name! LOL
Tommy... Tommy Marcus, the only one whose name never changed.

Now, I just have to post this one **YouTube video** of a song my uncles did a long time ago; there are a few of their songs on YouTube.

You have possibly heard this one before; it’s been done by a few people you might know, such as:
A group called The Beatles...
1.in Paris -- 2.version with Spanish subtitles -- 
3.BBC radio, 1965 -- and 4.Shea Stadium, 1965

So... some of those ↑above↑ were taken off YouTube, but here's one (till it's removed too): https://youtu.be/Rh7no_17XVY

Well, folks, I know which band I like doing this the best ... what about you?