Favorite songs: Unexpected

Anna Graceman is a young girl not quite in her teens. She writes her own music and lyrics and performs them with the power of Adele. In fact, Anna’s talent is so far above anyone in her age bracket that she can only be compared to someone like Adele, or Jewel. Comparing the level of Anna Graceman’s performing music and lyrics she has written with someone who is just singing a song written by someone else is like trying to compare a painter who takes a bare canvas and creates a work of art to someone who simply colors between the lines of a paint-by-number picture. There is simply no comparison.

For instance, take her song Unexpected. Her use of contrast in the lyrics is poetic deftness well beyond her years, and the music she wrote to accompany these fascinating lyrics matches the wonder evoked by such word imagery.

Consider these lines:
“Like a storm of sunny rain drops, and a world of bitter cotton candy”
“My life is a shallow deep blue sea”
“A triple rainbow of black and white”

“The darkest day and the brightest night”
“I’m at the end but it feels like the start, drowning in the deserts of my tears”

And then there’s this part from the song:
We're living in a world without any peace
When you hear about what goes on around
You wish you could help somehow

It might be said that some of her songs have a certain melancholy tone to them; however, I would point out that young ones like Anna -- or anyone else for that matter -- who are observers of what is happening in the world, naturally write about these things.

If asked about my favorite song of Anna Graceman, I’d say there are too many of them.
But Unexpected is one of my favorites.