Pride and Prejudice movies, part 8

Pride and Prejudice, a Latter-day Comedy 2003

Just want to briefly mention this independent film adaptation, with the college student Elizabeth Bennet as an aspiring writer who is in constant disagreement with a haughty businessman named Darcy. Rather than having sisters, she has housemates, and some familiar references are Longbourne Avenue, Rosings Restaurant, as well as other P&P characters.

I think they would have been better served had they named it something else and simply described it as being loosely based on Pride and Prejudice. That would have gone a long way in deflating any anticipation of actually seeing something more closely related to the book. 

It's not a bad version, if you just look at it as a B-movie that uses P&P as a bit of a story line. If they had followed the example of the movie Clueless, which is based on Jane Austen’s Emma, the alterations to the characters and story would have been better tolerated.

See the movie trailer: