Google Chrome not offering to save your password? My solution...

We had to revert to factory default on our computer... it had to be done for various reasons. I backed up all important files and just did it. Thought I was synced with my bookmarks, turned out there was some error with that, so I lost tons of great bookmarks. But truthfully, there were a lot of them that I hadn't visited in a long time, so cry a few minutes and move on... I'll get the ones I go to often back again anyway.

The frustrating thing was trying to save my Gmail passwords again. Google, the G in Gmail, wouldn't ask if I wanted to save my passwords!! (Hold it, I forgot to say we use Google Chrome browser, so that's what this is all about.) Oh, I could save passwords on all other sites, just not on our more than five gmail accounts -- what's with that?? I did all kinds of searches, found no help, but did find that I'm not the only one whose having the same problem.

One search suggestion was Google Help -- Manage your passwords -- did that, still didn't work. Most stuff you find is from some time ago, and things aren't set up that way now.

Anyway, here's what I stumbled on that worked:
I was signed into one gmail account, opened my Google+ stream and several other pages, then decided I wanted to sign out of that gmail account and open a different one, but inadvertently I went to the G+ page I had open to sign out instead of the gmail page to do so. Of course, I had to input my username and password, and amazingly it asked if I wanted to save the password!! I didn't realize at first what was happening, but then saw my gmail page I had first opened was still open, and now the second one I went to had my password saved!

So all I did after that was kept opening one gmail account and my G+ stream page for it, signing out of the G+ stream page while the gmail account was still open, then sign into another gmail account and it would ask if I wanted to save that password. Got all my gmail passwords saved again now!!!

Thankfully, I stumbled upon that very quickly, because I was going to have to remember which password went with which gmail account for who knows how long, and I do believe I would have gone nuts!

Why couldn't Google Help tell me that?
Hope it helps some of you out there.

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Enrique from my Google+ stream reminded me to go to my Chrome profiles and setup all my accounts so I can toggle between them, and at the same time have all my gmail accounts on my different computers keep all my bookmarks. I'd seen that often but had never paid any attention to it, so I appreciate that heads up. 
Go here to see a video to learn more:
 How to create Google Chrome profiles

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