The Juan scroll art statue

This has been finished for awhile, I just didn't remember to post it! This is The Juan, the character of our book.

The statue is made of 1/2" poplar, the base of 3/4" poplar.
The vibrant colors were not achieved using paint, because paint covers the wood's grain. Noe decided to give him a little more color than the drawing he did for the book. You can see the height in the one with the ruler.

Here's the before pictures:

And here's how he looks now ... 
But please keep in mind, I'm not a professional photographer. In fact, I had a hard time getting a good picture - it would either be fuzzy or have a glare.
But don't you think he's so cute?




We're considering doing a give-away with a Juan book promotion, but haven't figured that out yet. 
Noe does take woodart requests; contact us either by Google+ or email (see our NoeCindy page here).

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