How to pronounce "Noe"

Some people may wonder how you pronounce this great writer’s name, so I thought I’d inform you:

The name Noe is in the Hebrew portion of the Bible, spelled that way in the old King James version, being the name of Noah. It is the Spanish name for Noah, and turns out, the name is also French and Romanian, at least. Many people we know just call him "Noah", but they’re usually older folks. Some say NO, rhyming with JOE -- not Joey, mind you.

If you wanted to say it properly in these languages, it would be: no-AY … but you know, with that cute little way they pronounce NO, not quite a long OH sound, but I don’t know how to write it. And actually, the “e” is more like “eh” -- take a listen here: pronunciation of Noe.

Or here you can hear it several ways (scroll down to see different countries). This variation in pronunciation can be, to say the least, very confusing! Try doing an Internet search, you’ll find a lot of discussions, because people want to know!

Of course, if you’re from Texas and don’t speak Spanish, you just say: NO-e -- long OH, long E

I think my brother Stan has the best way of explaining it to everyone:
“My brother-in-law’s name is A-I-O-U, but we call him NO - E for short.”

And now you noe... I mean, know ~