Jackie and Anna

I love all kinds of music with the exception of jazz, rap, and heavy metal (or whatever they call that stuff that plays one incessant cord along with some guy screaming instead of singing). Jazz sounds like a group of musicians with ear plugs each doing whatever they very well please. Oh, I know there are some exceptions to this description, where there is what can be called a melody, but by and large the three genres I mentioned just sound like so much noise to me. Every rap song sounds the same, except there are different words.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, there are two young girls whose musical talents boggle my mind. They are Jackie Evancho and Anna Graceman. The girls are about the same age, which is around eleven or twelve.

Jackie is probably better known than Anna, since she has appeared on many shows and has already sold millions of recordings. I don’t think there is a time I have listened to her sing that I was not really moved by her voice.

Anna Graceman not only has an incredible singing voice, but I believe if what is said about her is true, she is far more talented. In fact, I would say she is as much a prodigy as Mozart. What I mean is, she is credited with writing all the music and lyrics to her songs, and if you were to listen to her songs and not hear the sound of brilliance, I would be shocked.

Thanks to Youtube, people from everywhere can hear the most amazingly talented individuals like Jackie and Anna, whereas in Mozart’s day only a very few could hear him and the other talents of his day.