Poems that rhyme

I have been reading about Lord Byron, because he is so often mentioned in some of the movies I watch, and I was feeling a bit unenlightened. He is often described this way:
“He is regarded as one of the greatest British poets and remains widely read and influential.”
When I read that, I really felt I had missed something. Then I was surprised to find that his poems rhyme. Well, it has always been my opinion that poems that rhyme are a bit adolescent. 
Here's an example of Byron’s poems: "She Walks in Beauty"

While doing research for this article, I came across this site
and realized how ignorant I was on the subject of poetry: Types of Poetry

In my defense, I have never claimed to know all about poetry, only that I prefer to write... 
poems that don’t rhyme ... for this I hope I will not be asked to do time. 
Then fear of fears ... I learnt from my wife of many years -- 
for whom I have written poems of any number 
some of which were very clever 
but none of which have rhymed... 
poems that rhyme are what she prefers!

I was letting all this sink in while I listening to Anna Graceman sing "Give Me Your Heart" on Youtube in which she has a line about various fairy tales, and I was reminded of a song I had rolling around in my mind from a long time ago... mine had a reference to Little Boy Blue. Anyway, I decided, after hearing Anna’s song, to write a poem that rhymes dedicated to my sweet wife:

Cinderella, Snow White, and Romeo and Juliet
They all found love to be it
The story was not always easy
Sometimes the story turned out awfully
Like it did for Romeo and Juliet
But they found love to be it.

Love is not a bedtime story
It doesn’t always make you rest calmly
Love can be like a fire in your bones
Raising you up as if you were on a throne
Like Romeo and Juliet
We can find that love is it.

copyright ©2012