The right magic

Describing the Sarah’s World books, I have said: “The stories are not filled with witches, swords, magicians and such, but are written in the belief that children are intelligent and can find enjoyment and interest in the real world just being kids.” In saying this, I was not suggesting that I am against children’s stories containing make-believe with talking animals and such things. Make-believe really is different than magic, although it can be called "magic" in a sense, and that's okay. In fact, I have made up more than a few stories like that, with my niece being the main character. I haven’t published them yet, but do intend to, although none of my stories will have witches or sorcery, since I feel those subjects are not entertaining.

Years ago when my niece was young, Cindy and I recorded a few of these stories on audio cassette, with Cindy playing the part of my niece and I voiced all the other parts. We even included our cat Shem in one of the stories -- Cindy had to squeeze him to get him to say his part on que! This is not really a picture of Shem, but he looked just like this guy... we really loved him, he was so smart. He would even play hide-and-seek with Cindy! Everyone should have a Maine Coon cat:

Sadly, it was so long ago that the tape of our stories for my niece no longer exists, but those were some real "magic" adventures with singing animals and a faraway island. It was a fun project for us to do, and my niece loved listening to it over and over. It's a great gift idea for aunts and uncles or parents to make for a young person in their life. 

I am presently working on a larger story for Sarah’s World, and when I’m finished with that one, hopefully you will see some of these other stories published.

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