About "Sarah's World: The Nickname"

This book Noe wrote was also an idea of mine from my childhood friendship with Margaret, introduced in our second book Sarah’s World: Sarah looks out the window.

As I remember it, Margaret didn’t like her name, mainly because of Dennis the Menace and his friend he was always calling “Dumb ol’ Margaret”! 

Now, I can completely understand that, as I’m sure you can too. But she couldn’t come up with a different name to be called that everyone liked... she tried Meg from the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, but no one liked that name back then, so none of us would call her that.

Actually, all I ever called her when she and I were able to see each other was Margaret. "The Nickname" for her came along after she moved away... we had both promised to write each other, and I think on my very first letter to her, it just came to me -- Margie was a perfect name for her! I guess her family thought so too, because I remember her writing back, excitedly telling me that’s what she was now called, everyone in her family loved it. We eventually lost touch, but I’m pretty sure that nickname stuck with her.

My name is also a nickname for a longer kind of odd name. I was only called that “birth certificate” name when someone was looking for the kid that did something wrong -- there were six kids in my family and I was rarely the culprit. But hey, Mother was an equal opportunity parent, so we all got our full names hollered once in awhile!

Anyway, as a result of it being odd, my only being called that name when I might be in trouble, and the fact that no one knows me by that name, I don’t like the new rules saying we all have to go by our “legal” “birth certificate” names these days... because really, names mean a lot to us, and that’s why I included this at the end of the book:

Dedicated to everyone that is called another name they love besides their legal name,
because even though it’s not the name on a birth certificate, a nickname is really you.

I hope you enjoy reading our book. It reminds me of my childhood and that dear friend, Margaret... um, I mean, Margie!

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !