Here's a question...

We've been getting a lot of people come check out our blog cartoons/stories -- 
not as many as we'd like, mind you :-) 
... but still ...
So I thought to myself, let me ask you: which do you like the most?
Fred & Ted
Tucker & Clank
Dad & Son
-- or, our newest --
Famous Mexican Detective, The Juan

If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing all these, just look to the right side of the blog for the links to all of them, and please go check 'em out.

And maybe, just maybe, you can leave a comment to let us know you did.
For instance, you can say which drawings you like best -- Noe does all the drawings, I get them ready for posting and insert the words Noe writes, or put those funny little font characters and stuff in them.
You could say which one made you laugh the most.
Perhaps let us know the ones you didn't like that much. 
Well, sometimes people are just shy about leaving comments...

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !