Let's get to know The Juan

The World’s Greatest, Most Famous Mexican Detective

His name is Juan Guillermo Meza Peso Magellan Jaime Rodriguez de Lopez

The legends of detectivery (his business) simply call him The Juan. When The Juan steps into a room full of detectives, they all stand and watch as he walks past. 

This doesn’t happen very often... in fact it has never happened, since detectives don’t gather in groups -- but if they did, that is what would happen!
His office is in the fashionable side of the predominantly Mexican city of Pau d'Arco, Australia. Being exposed to the Australian accent, Juan has lost his own and sounds more like someone from South Texas. Well, at times there is a touch of Bostonian. . .

(This is a totally fictional character and humorous story)

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The Juan: The World's Greatest, Most Famous Mexican Detective 
(Who's taking my tacos?... and where's my Zippychew?)