The Greatest Mexican Detective

Introducing . . .

In the world of detectives, some are very famous -- if someone comes to mind right away, that’s who I’m talking about... if you have to think about it a little, those are the not quite so famous ones. And then, there are those who are known by their peers as being above the rest -- it is with this kind of detective in mind that we introduce:

The World’s Most Famous Mexican Detective

If you have never heard of him, it is because he is that good. You see, detectives are supposed to detect, not be detected. So in a way, the more well-known they are, the less effective they have been.

His exploits, as his undertakings are related herein, are those recounted from his time in Australia. How he came to be in the land of the Aussie will be told some day. But for now, it is enough for you to know that those who wish to follow the Cases of The Greatest Mexican Detective have come to the right place. Please stay tuned.
Juan Guillermo Meza Peso Magellan Jaime Rodriguez de Lopez.... otherwise known as: 
(This is a totally fictional character and humorous story)

This book is not available at this time. We may bring Juan back out one of these days ...

The Juan: The World's Greatest, Most Famous Mexican Detective 
(Who's taking my tacos?... and where's my Zippychew?)