The Juan: Episode 9

The World’s Most Famous Mexican Detective

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The Juan: The World's Greatest, Most Famous Mexican Detective 
(Who's taking my tacos?... and where's my Zippychew?)

Episode title: Kuddle of Koalas
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(This is a totally fictional character and humorous story)

Links in this episode:
The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan helps Banjo the Coonhound using raccoon urine
(Cesar's new show is called Leader of the Pack)
The Koala Whisperer, Colleen Wood, founder of Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter -- this link is no longer valid; Ms Wood was called the Koala Whisperer on it, but perhaps she did not like that. To learn more about her work with koalas, though, click here.
And here's anothe link you might enjoy: The Koala Whisperer
Crows are referred to as a murder
Lions are referred to as a pride
What are other groups of creatures called?

Increda says to Juan, "To make sure the koalas don’t come back, we can spray dingo urine around the area -- I learned that from the Koala Whisperer.”**
**not true about dingo urine, at least as far as we know, but it sounds plausible :-)