Pride and Prejudice movies, part 4

Our last post on P&P movies was on the 1995 mini-series, thought of by many as the quintessential version. Both of us really like this set and have watched it many times. And as previously noted, Noe will be doing future posts that get into detail about characters and persons who played each part, as well as favorite scenes and that sort of thing.

But we recently found this interview from 2006 to be very entertaining. Some of the cast and crew members are looking back at the success of their movie, and give us insight into a lot of things about it. For instance, did you know the scene at the beginning, when the Bennets are coming home from church, was shot much later, after the cast had gotten to know each other a lot better? No wonder that's such a nice "family" scene -- they really had become like a family by then. It wasn't necessarily planned that way, but that's how it happened. I just love that kind of trivia.

Sadly, the whole cast was not in this; as a matter of fact, I'm still looking for interviews with Jennifer Ehle or Colin Firth about this movie. But this has Mr. Bennet (Benjamin Whitrow), Mrs. Bennet (Alison Steadman), Mary Bennet (Lucy Briers), Mr. Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter), Mr. Collins (David Bamber), and Mr. Wickham (Adrian Lukis) along with Sue Birtwistle (Producer) and Carl Davis (Composer).

I'm sure you'll enjoy it:

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