Pride and Prejudice movies, part 5

The little known 1967 version

The Bible says “pride is before a crash”, and as proof of the truthfulness of this inspired saying, I submit myself. 

I have proudly declared knowing about every English production of P&P, and lo and behold, here is one I never knew about! In my defense, though, there seems to be no way of seeing this entire movie. There are only bits of it on YouTube, and those are of very poor quality. Nevertheless, as we are writing about the various adaptations here on our blog, it would be remiss of me not to mention this one. (Sorry it is out of date order, but we just found it) From the segments I have seen, I can say they seem to go along by the book for awhile very nicely, and then all of sudden they change things drastically. To read more about this version, check Movies MSN.

And so, like Elizabeth, who fancied herself safe in her assertions about Mr. Darcy, only to have to take it all back when she realized she was wrong... well, here I am, having to do the same about my knowledge of English-speaking
P&P versions. With confidence I will quote any thought from the Bible, such as the one above**, as being absolutely true. And now as someone who loves to read - and I should say, watch - all things Jane Austen, I can also say Pride comes before Prejudice.

Take a look here at what's on YouTube, total of 29 minutes:
"A few clips" - "Episode 5, part 1" - and "Episode 5, part 2"
Thank you to "Darcyfied" for putting it there for us to see.

**Proverbs 16:1