Why follow a blog?

Do you find some blogs you read are very interesting to you? 

If so, you might think, "I'm going to come back to this website again to see if they have new things I'd be interested in." And you probably plan to do just that, but we all get busy and time flies, and before you make it back there, they've posted a whole bunch of great things you've missed... now you either have to spend a lot of time catching up, or just miss out on a lot of good stuff.

Or it could be that even though you plan to come back, you forget to bookmark the site and then one day you remember you'd like to go read more from that site. But all you can remember now is that it talked about ".... something...." You can't even remember the title or any keywords that will help you find it. That's awful!

Why not try following a site? Some sites, like ours, have a "Followers" and "Join this site" button somewhere -- we recently added ours, which is on the right sidebar: scroll down a bit and it's easy to see. Click the button and you'll be asked if you want to follow with some account you already have, such as Google, Twitter, Yahoo or some other account. We are most familiar with Google, so my explanation will come from that direction, but I'm sure they're all easy to follow.

After signing in with a Gmail account, you can choose to be anonymous or to have your profile icon show on the site. In just a few easy steps, you'll be following that site you like! Now you'll get to see when new articles are posted! You won't have to miss anything, if you go look at your reader. Now how do you do that?...

Again, once you've signed into your Gmail account, at the top find the drop down menu "More", hover over that, find "Reader" and click that. All the sites you are following will be listed in the left sidebar under Subscriptions or Blogs I'm Following. In the larger middle section, you'll find the new posts of all the sites you follow, and when you click the title it will either show a "snippet" or the entire post. (I'm not sure why some are snippets and some are entire, but that's how it is for me now) You can also "plus" articles there, even if they don't have a Google+ button on their site.

If you happen to be a blogspot site owner, you can add sites you follow to your blog dashboard and see them all there instead of in Google Reader. (In case you are a blog owner, you'll want others to be able to follow you too, so here's some tips from Jeremy.) Even if a site does not have a "Follow" button, you can add them to either of these -- Google Reader or your blog dashboard -- and still get new posts there.

This really solves the dilemmas mentioned above, because if you like what's usually posted on sites, you don't want to miss anything!
We invite you to become a follower of our Noe and Cindy write blog, 
because we don't want you to miss anything either ;-)

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !