Pride and Prejudice in 100 words

Have you ever heard of a 100 word story challenge? 
Well, if not, just do a Google search and you'll find plenty of responses. 
I saw one and decided to try my hand at it.

Here goes, Pride and Prejudice in 100 words:

Bingley and Jane fall in love. 
Darcy separates them, all the while falling for Elizabeth’s witty charms though concealing it.
Enter Mr. Wickham, childhood friend now antagonist of Darcy. 
Elizabeth falls for Wickham, defending him when Darcy proposes, resulting in a letter revealing Wickham is a rat and Darcy isn’t so bad. 
We mourn lost loves for Jane, Bingley, Lizzy, and Darcy. 
Chance meeting at Pemberley; all can be set right if Darcy can get Wickham to marry Lydia Bennet. 
Money can fix anything where Wickham is concerned. 
Now Bingley and Darcy are free to marry the girls they love!

copyright ©2013