MR DARCY falls in love -- book release

Quietly, so as not to call a lot of attention to himself, Mr. Darcy walked into Amazon Kindle ebook room last Sunday, March 17. Of course, someone of that great stature can’t really go unnoticed, and sure enough, many people grabbed ahold of him right away...

It is with great PRIDE, and not just a little PREJUDICE, that during this 200th anniversary
of Jane Austen's most loved book, I announce the release of a companion book:
Noe’s novel, Mr Darcy falls in love.

We look forward to hearing any thoughts you have on our book, and hope all of you readers will take a moment to rate and review the book there on Amazon. We do plan to get it in print format and make it available on more venues, but that’s where he sits right now.

In going over the book ourselves, I must say as editor, I’m a bit put out at myself, because I already found some mistakes I should have seen... mostly punctuation, one misspelled word so far, but regrettably, also one incorrect statement that I’m sure was my fault, not Noe’s. Let me know if you catch that.

I do plan to correct those errors in a future upload, but maybe all of you who have purchased this first edition should keep that copy, since once it becomes super famous, it just may be worth a lot !! LOL

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !