Kids and summer reading

Parents really love it when their kids enjoy reading -- but it’s a pretty big job sometimes, for both parents and their children, to get them headed in that direction. Lots of stuff has been written on the subject of how to get your kids to like to read; there’s a few good sites you might like to take a look at with the links below.

But here’s a question we’d like to ask: do you wish there was a book for your young reader that wasn’t about witches, swords, or zombies? Or how about a book your kid could read that was just enjoyable, that wasn’t trying to teach them how to cope with death, or mom and dad’s divorce, or some other such tragedy that is all too common in today’s world?

Obviously, Cindy and I see nothing wrong with a book teaching our children how to cope with things that are beyond their control, but certainly reading can -- and should -- be something that, at least sometimes, is just done for fun.

We believe our Sarah’s World ebooks would be a wonderful addition to your child’s library, because that’s their aim: just let kids enjoy reading about kids and things kids do. The first three stories are short and can be your introduction to Sarah. The fourth book, The summer to remember, includes not only those three, but three more chapters of Sarah’s life that summer. We have lots of interactive links in the books that we know your child (and you!) will enjoy ... summer is coming, and we hope you and your children have a happy one that you’ll remember in the years to come too.

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