100 word scary story

I saw something about writing stories or poems in only 100 words and thought I'd take a stab at it. There are various categories to choose from, or I suppose you can make up anything you want. Some rules say you can include the title, some don't say, others say don't... haha

Count the words to mine and see which rule I'm following --

My Turn to Scream
Eyes darting, heart pounding, hugging the wall, which seemed the only safe place... Moving steadily toward the exit, even more fearful since the screams from the others had stopped... The quiet is so profound, my head fills with the last sounds of the cries of terror... "Someone always escapes!" I say, to drown the echoes... Must step past an open doorway, then to safety... Should I run? or put my trust in silence? Quietly I step forward, next the feel of hot breath, the sensation of being pulled -- oh no! Now it is my turn to . . .

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it!
copyright ©2013