Our 12 foot -- no, make that 12 inch -- Mr Darcy!

Mr Darcy falls in love statuette

You know my Noe is a real artist... I've told you that before :-)
He has had this piece done for awhile, but we were waiting to unveil it when we got our Mr Darcy falls in love book out in print. I can't wait any longer, even though the print version will be out very soon, believe me!

The statuette is made using the same picture Noe did for the cover of our book, including the original font. We later changed some of the cover font, but this is still the one for the digital copy, at least for now. One of the nice aspects of the piece is that he's "reversible." That way, he can be displayed on a table and be seen from both sides. 

I had lots of fun playing with the pictures I took, some with my Samsung phone camera, the others with my camera I've had a few years. AND I'm not a photographer -- obviously! But you can see how cool it is.


We are considering the idea of having a giveaway with our Mr Darcy statuette, or we may use him in another fashion. If you would like to have some of your artwork made into a statuette, send me an email (find the address on our NoeCindy page).

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !