Benefits of Reading

I enjoyed this Reader's Digest article . . .
The full title is Benefits of reading: Getting Smart, Thin, Healthy, Happy

Ten benefits given:
1. Gives muscle to your memory.
2. Gives your workout more staying power.
3. Keeps your brain young.
4. Can melt away stress.
5. Boosts your vocabulary.
6. Improves empathy.
7. Can encourage life goals.
8. Helps you feel more connected.
9. Can brighten your day.
10. Can help you save cash.
Read the full article to get the thoughts behind these tips
on how your brain and body benefit by reading.

Of course, you need to be reading good stuff, or you're better off not reading at all. "Bad associations spoil useful habits" says the best book, and when you're reading, you really are associating with the characters (or subject) of the book.

Enjoy what you're reading!

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