Where have you been?

You may have been wondering ...

Well, if you have been, let me tell you!

We got our book, "Mr Darcy falls in love" in paperback now, as you know, and have been out and about with it. I also checked around just for the fun of it, and found out you can get it at almost any online bookstore you want! (And at various prices too, I might add) There's also a Goodreads giveaway of our book going on till end of Sept, you better get in on that soon! (Scroll down a bit on that page, you'll see the "Enter to Win" button, only for US right now)

Noe has been making various Pride & Prejudice woodart items, you should go take a look at those on his wood blog. Of course, that blog is also needing attention, but soon (I promise) I'll get it ready for people to purchase from ... you can already email him if you want to place an order for a personalized, unique, elegant, extra-special handcrafted piece you just can't do without!

AND Noe already finished the manuscript for his next novel, which I'm currently editing. Of course, this is the first draft, mind you, and you never know if the author will want to go back and make changes, so not sure how long it will take, but we hope that won't take too long either.

We have other stuff in store for the future, so keep coming back...

Thank you for reading what noeandcindy.write !