Sarah's Summer

Episode 2

Noe and I wrote a children's book a couple of years ago that is special to both of us and are delighted to share it with you. The story is not fantasy-based, rather it highlights the fun that children can have in their own world of imagination and adventure.

So for the next few weeks, we'll be posting a chapter or two for you to share with your kids ... you are invited to come into the second installment of Sarah's World. We hope you enjoy it!

Sarah and Pcee

The next day ...

     Sarah was in her backyard picking flowers for her mother. Seeing a very pretty one growing by the fence, she went over to look at it. As she was walking that way, Sarah noticed something moving on a leaf. She jumped back in surprise and then saw it was a colorful caterpillar! It was moving slowly, but then it caught sight of Sarah and stopped. The caterpillar raised itself up and looked at her and she looked at it. She thought it was so pretty, she held out her hand and the caterpillar crawled onto it.

     Sarah carried it inside the house into her room, looking for a good place to keep it. Since there was no water in her aquarium, she put it in there.

     Now, Sarah really wanted the caterpillar to feel as if it was still out in the yard, so she brought dirt and leaves in for the aquarium. Her mother, seeing her coming in and out of the house many times, asked what she was doing.

     "I'm making a home for my caterpillar." Mom wanted to see what she was talking about, so Sarah took her to her room.

     "See, I'm putting dirt and things in the aquarium so the caterpillar can make a home." Mom told her when an aquarium is used like that, it is called a terrarium. But for Sarah, it was much easier to say it was an aquarium with dirt.

     After she had gathered enough dirt, leaves and twigs, Sarah started to arrange everything so it would look pretty and be a pleasant home for her caterpillar. She found a good sturdy stick that looked like a bridge and thought her new friend would have fun climbing it. Now it was time to see what it would think of its new home.

     The caterpillar did like it, but Sarah still thought something was missing. Then her eyes got bright and she rushed outside. In the yard, she found some things she liked, then ran back to her room. Opening the lid to the aquarium, she placed several shiny rocks inside and said, "Now it's perfect! My caterpillar has a pretty new home!"

     Sarah was excited to show her mother, so she called her to come see how it looked. When Mom saw it, she told Sarah it was the best caterpillar home she had ever seen and that the caterpillar would love living there.

     Later that day, Sarah was looking at this squirmy little thing and decided she should give it a name. She thought, "I could call you Shawn or Gus ... but maybe you're a girl, so your name should be Mary or Irene. I think you must be a girl, because you're so pretty." As she put her face closer to the aquarium, she said, But I need to find the best name for a pretty caterpillar like you."

     Sarah kept saying to it, "What can I call you, my pretty caterpillar?" She sat looking at it and then came up with a great idea: "I know! I can call you P.C. for Pretty Caterpillar." After saying P.C. a few times out loud, she started saying Pcee, which was the same thing, but faster.

     "That sounds like a perfect name for a pretty caterpillar like you!" she said. And before she went to bed that night, she tapped on the aquarium and said, "Good night, Pcee."

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