Illustrating for the stories we’ve done is for me the other side of storytelling. Drawing is something I have always done... I cannot see a blank piece of paper without being drawn to it, to draw on it.

It has its advantages and disadvantages, though. One advantage is: we don’t have to pay an illustrator, and at this stage of our writing endeavors, that is a definite plus. Another is: when I am blocked on a story, it gives me a welcome diversion while still working on the story.

On the other side of the coin, having to illustrate when you’re only fairly good at it, as I am, is restrictive, because some things that I might wish to illustrate seem to be beyond my ability, so I am left doing without them. Then, of course, there is the time involved doing the work.

I am hoping that, as I continue to work on my books as the illustrator, I will improve. Thanks to YouTube there is plenty of instruction for a fifty-something like me to learn from. I will say this, I derive as much satisfaction and enjoyment from the artwork as I do from the writing, and I hope you do too.