The Illustrating Process

The process of illustrating our books is a collaboration from start to finish. It begins with determining what part of the book should be illustrated. For our kid’s books, we like to have five or six pictures, and sometimes one of these can be used for the cover.

Once the decisions are made on what needs to be illustrated, then I go to work sketching something out, and we both have to agree on the sketches. Let me let you in on a little secret -- Cindy has an eye for critical points that take what would pass as acceptable to an illustration worth putting in the book.

After the sketches have been approved, I ink them and add color, which again has to pass “the Cindy test”. I have told her about three hundred million times that she makes everything I do much better; and after thirty-four years of life with her, I am saying this in all sincerity and truth.

[It is something that is an irritation to me when people who are supposed to be in love put each other down and criticize one another and it's suppose to be a joke. I never joke in my praise of my Cindy... she means too much to me.]

When the colored pictures are done, she then scans them into the computer and adds more of her special touches. I am always amazed at the finished piece. Without her -- I know this is so obvious -- there could be no Noe and Cindy write.