Sarah's World and electronic devices

In our series Sarah’s World, you will notice a lack of electronic devices: no cell phones, game stations, computers, not even a TV. Not because these things don’t exist in Sarah’s World, but I wanted the stories to focus on kids and their interaction with the world around them on their own. This is not meant to be some ‘social commentary’ on the electronic gadgets that our young ones are so adept with; after all, the books we write are being offered as e-books.

No agenda at all has gone into the making of these books... rather it is a look into kids just being kids, at those times when they are not involved in other things and their time is their own and this big wonderful world has beckoned them forth.

Anyone who has children has had the experience of buying their son or daughter something that came in a BIG BOX. We excitedly give our dear child the present and anticipate the fun they are going to have with this new toy, only to see that after the initial excitement of the new toy, it has given way to the wonders of the BIG BOX and all that their imagination can make it become. (The exception to this is when the BIG BOX contains a BIKE, and then the big box has to wait a little longer.)

It is that kind of innocence and charm of children I am trying to capture in Sarah’s World.