Classic books as movies

We like to watch British shows on Netflix that were originally shown on PBS Masterpiece Mystery and Masterpiece Theatre (now called Classic). I am glad the British keep redoing their literary classics, such as those of Charles DickensAgatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle and Jane Austen, but it did make me wonder why that it is not done in the United States with its classic writers. I would recommend the film industry start with Sarah’s World; it is hard to imagine a finer piece of literature! Yes, I know it may be a bit soon to actually call it a classic, but outstanding literary works are what they are regardless of their age.

I’m joking, of course, but on doing research for this, I Googled ‘classic American authors’, and ‘classic American books’ and got lists of some I knew or had seen movies of, but many were of books I have never heard of by authors I have never heard of, with just a sprinkling of what I would deem true classics.

This may very well label me as not much of a reader, especially when I am proposing they turn great books into movies. It perhaps would be more in keeping with my being an author that I should be beating the drums for people to read those classic books, than that they be put into a film format. But, really, I can’t believe that when Masterpiece announces a retelling of Sherlock, for instance, that people don’t find that exciting; and seeing a movie based on a book often moves many of us to go read the book.

That may be why the American film industry doesn’t do what the BBC does with its classic literature. There is no problem identifying true classics for British literature, whereas here in America, there's not much consensus on the subject.

Whatever the case, it is sad that such fine resources for good films is being overlooked here.
How about a redo of To Kill a Mockingbird? Because in my opinion, it was not done very well, even though lots of people disagree with me... probably lots of them would like to see it done better too.

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