Recommended book: Anne of Green Gables

I would recommend to all young readers Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
This book teaches wonderful lessons without being preachy, such aslife can’t always be the way we want it’ and ‘how we deal with things makes the difference between being happy or dissatisfied.'

Anne’s determination to be positive and find joy, even if it is only to be found in making a friend of her own reflection, is very powerful. The story is told in such a delightful way, those who read it are sure to be drawn to her character. And, of course, we also see through Anne’s life at Green Gables that life doesn't always stay the same, and the changes that come are sometimes good and sometimes very sad.

I am so glad I found this wonderful book; I have read it many times and would encourage everyone to at least read it once.
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