"Sarah and Pcee" free this weekend!

Our first book of the Sarah’s World series is going to be available this weekend:
Sat. July 28 and Sun. July 29 .... for FREE!

We’re very proud of this book, which is about a young girl named Sarah who is curious about the world around her, and like every kid her age, she’s fascinated with all kinds of things, including bugs! She watches in wonder as her caterpillar friend, Pcee, goes through changes she didn’t know were possible.

This Kindle e-book is interactive, with links to websites about the kind of caterpillar Pcee is and the butterfly it becomes, with videos to watch also!

Here’s another link to our friend Caleb’s website all about Monarch Butterflies, with the answer to this interesting question: How to determine the sex of a Monarch Butterfly.

Be sure to tell all your friends to go get their free copy this weekend!

Click the link here beginning Friday night at midnight (Sat.12:00 am) thru Sunday night 11:50 pm.