Sarah's World illustrations

When I started writing Sarah and Pcee, I didn’t have in mind doing any illustrations, because as I have commented on another post, my abilities as an artist are limited. And on top of that, I just wanted to get the story out. So this book has only the cover as an illustration, but we included links to websites that have lots of photos on them.

However, during the process of self-publishing this first book on Amazon Kindle, we were asked: Is this part of a series?  We decided we should answer yes; in the course of writing Sarah and Pcee, other stories had come to mind, but if it had not been for that question, we might not have pursued it.

Cindy had been urging me to do illustrations, but I thought, “This is coming from someone who has trouble drawing stick figures, so naturally she thinks I draw good enough to illustrate!” Well, when we were doing our second Sarah’s World book, Sarah looks out the window, I intended to put in pictures that we found on the Internet, but was just having trouble finding good pictures that were public domain -- free to use -- or just the right pictures.

It was then I decided to see if I could draw the pictures we wanted, well enough to let the whole world see. The scariest part to me was trying to draw the girls, Sarah and her cousin Margaret. That book has 7 illustrations, and we think they came out pretty good!

The third book, The Nickname, was going to be a much bigger challenge, because the girls would have to be in different places: the Ice Cream shop, on the swingset, and hardest of all -- looking in a mirror. The 6 illustrations in this book have more to them than the last, and Cindy says I’m getting better and better. Maybe so...

Anyway, that’s really the main reason why our first book did not have any illustrations and the other two do. I have drawn some to go with it, and maybe I’ll post one for you to see here on the blog soon.