Coming soon ... our new novel!

We are excited to inform all lovers of Jane Austen fan fiction that we will very soon be releasing a new novel about Mary Bennet and Georgiana Darcy. This is a follow up to our first book, Mr. Darcy falls in love.

The story takes place more than a year after Darcy and Elizabeth are married and proceeds from the notion that Mary and Georgiana have developed a friendship based on their shared interest of playing the piano as well their similar feelings toward social gatherings.

We developed the characters based on what Pride and Prejudice tells us about the two girls, so you will find Mary and Georgiana recognizable except for what could reasonably be expected in the way of personal growth with the passage of time. 

This tale was born from Mary's unique personality among the Bennet sisters. In Pride and Prejudice, there is an inkling of Elizabeth Bennet's angst about the options available to women of the time; in our novel about Mary, we have been able to take that further and make it the driving force of the story. Even now, two hundred years later, women are still confronted with obstacles in their pursuits just because of being female. This makes the story resonate with today's modern women. 

Stay tuned for further posts on the new book, including its title.