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Janine Zachariae rated a book 5 of 5 stars 
Mr Darcy falls in Love
by Noe (Goodreads Author)
read in April, 2015

Before I start with my review I just wanted to thank the author for creating such a lovely book. 

"You have bewitched me body and soul" is one of the sentence you'll never forget from Pride and Prejudice. And Jane Austen just bewitched me. It's that's easy. The first time I read P&P it was like a sweet fairytale in England. The story is well known: Elizabeth Bennet met Mr Darcy at a ball and both didn't like each other at the beginning. 
"First impressions" were made specially because of what Wickham told Lizzy about Fitzwilliam Darcy.  But at Rosings Darcy finally made a proposal to Lizzy but she dumped him and told everything she hated about him ...

Anyway. Let me come back to "Mr Darcy falls in love."
Have you ever wonder how Charles Bingley and Mr Darcy became friends?
Have you ever wonder what happened after the ball at first?
You will get all the answers and much more.
Darcys part of the story. 

I really got in love with Darcy, again. In some other books Fitzwilliam never became the chance. You get the imagine that he was just stubborn and mean. But not in this one.
Darcys character was so lovely described that you just can fall in love with him. It was a wonderful read. 
Jane Austen would love it herself! 

I love the friendship between Bingley and Darcy. Charles was so cute even he had a broken heart.

I could write much more about it but you should make your own opinion of it. 

So, thank you Noe and Cindy for writing such a wonderful book. I know it's lots of work in it and I know that it wasn't easy to write a book like this. To take one of the sweetest lovestories ever and make it new must be difficult. But at the end you can feel the love for Jane Austen in it. I really enjoyed it. Normally I'm skeptical about books like this. But after reading "Mr Darcy and the Time Space Continuum" it was time to read this.