Why reviews are important

Review from a friend

OK, I've gotten through chapter two and I don't believe you wrote this! Are you pullin' my leg ? ... Seriously ?  In my opinion, it's great! At this point, you have captured me. I mean the writing is great, but I am equally caught by the mere fact that I know you and can't believe you wrote this! The way you have introduced the characters, the settings and the backgrounds, I am there. In just these two chapters I was able to picture them all. I especially loved your description of how Darcy felt in those first moments on meeting the Bingleys. You really put me in his head, I could understand his feelings.  The flow is great, the characters are alive - I see them, their house, their demeanor. I picture them speaking in my head as I read, like a movie.  The pace is great, not rushed, yet we're three years ahead now and the relationships are evolving perfectly.  I am quite impressed with you, Mr Noe.
That was so sweet of our friend, quite candid too! She has gone on to finish it and still was impressed (hee-hee), but I really loved her "first impressions" of our book, Mr Darcy falls in love. It made me laugh, but it also touched my heart that she would write us what she thought about it. Without reviews, authors can't reach people who would actually like their books but just cannot decide whether or not to take a chance on them. 

A lot of authors have the support of friends and family. But some, like us, don't have family that like to read! Honestly, how do you stay informed without reading? How do you relax without a good book in your hand, at least once in awhile?

So to everyone who has given a review of any of our books, Noe and I thank you so much! We have not been given one bad review, yet we have not personally met a single person who has left an Amazon review on Mr Darcy falls in love, The Sun Also Shines for me, or Mr Darcy and the Space-time Continuum. It is tremendously encouraging, and we can't thank you enough ~

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