Sarah's Summer part 3

Episode 3

We're continuing our Sarah's World summer series with another "Sarah and Pcee" chapter. For links to the other parts of this series, look to the right sidebar under Sarah's World posts.

Sarah and Pcee

The next morning ...
Sarah found that Pcee had eaten all the leaves and was growing. She went back to the bush where she had found her and picked more leaves. When she dropped them in, Pcee started eating. “You are really hungry for being so small,” Sarah said. She watched her eat one leaf after another till she stopped and was still.
     “So, are you finally full and need to take a nap?” Sarah asked. But Pcee was not going to take a nap. Before Sarah’s eyes, Pcee seemed to walk right out of her skin, leaving behind her old skin. Then she crawled to the nearest leaf and started eating again!

     Sarah ran to get her mother, and pulling her by the hand, she told her what had happened. “See her old skin right there?” she asked. They sat watching together as Pcee continued to eat and eat and eat.
     “All she does is eat,” said Sarah. “I thought she was eating so much she was going to pop, and then she walked out of her skin. So I guess Pcee did pop -- she popped right out of her skin!” 
     Now that Pcee was bigger, Sarah wanted to know what it would feel like to have her crawl around on her hand, so she picked her and the leaf she was on up. It did feel funny to have Pcee’s little feet moving all over her hand. Sarah giggled, because her little feet tickled as she moved. She thought she could even hear Pcee chewing! Then she said “You might be a boy, because only boys could eat this much!” That made Sarah laugh and laugh.
     Over the next two days, Pcee did not stop eating, and she also walked out of her skin again. She really liked crawling onto Sarah’s hand and eating the leaves as she held them. Sometimes when she was holding her, Pcee would stop eating just to look up at Sarah. She would pet her and Pcee liked that a lot.
Sarah was very happy with her new friend, and every night before she got ready for bed, she would tap on the aquarium and say, “Goodnight, Pcee.”
Two days had gone by ...
and Pcee was very big now and had walked out of her skin once again. Sarah picked her up to give her another leaf, but this time she didn’t want to eat. So she just petted her and said, “It took a long time for you to get full.” Now Pcee looked like she wanted to rest, so Sarah put her back in her home.
     The bridge stick was in the middle of the aquarium, and right away Pcee crawled up on it. When she got about halfway, she moved to the bottom side of the stick and hung upside down! Then she curled up so her body looked like the letter J. Sarah was watching her and said, “That’s a funny way to go to sleep, Pcee. It doesn’t look very comfortable.” But since Pcee was going to sleep, Sarah thought she would take a nap too.

When she woke up from her nap, Sarah thought Pcee would probably be awake too, but she wasn’t. She was still hanging upside down in the shape of a J. That night when it was time for Sarah to go to bed, she was surprised to see that Pcee was still sleeping.
     “It looks like you are going to sleep as much as you ate!” Sarah said. So at night she did not tap on the aquarium to say goodnight, because she didn’t want to wake Pcee up.
     In the morning Sarah went over to see if Pcee was awake, but she still wasn't. Something did start happening, though. It looked like Pcee was coming out of her skin again. This time her new skin was a different color. She was a bright green!
     Sarah said, “Pcee, you have such pretty new skin.” But it wasn’t just new skin. It became like a shell for her to keep sleeping in. Sarah told her, “Pcee, you really are going to sleep as much as you ate. And now you have your own special bed." 

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