Sarah's Summer part 4

Episode 4

We're continuing our Sarah's World summer series, finishing up "Sarah and Pcee" this week. For links to the other parts of this series, look to the right sidebar under Sarah's World posts.

Sarah and Pcee
A whole week went by ...
and Pcee was still sleeping in her special shell. Sarah missed holding her and watching her eat. A few days later, though, something different started happening. Pcee’s shell wasn’t green anymore. It was turning clear, and Sarah got excited. She was hoping she would soon see her friend again.
    Then Pcee started trying to get out of her shell, just like a baby chick breaks out of its egg. When she did come out of her shell, Sarah could not believe her eyes! It didn’t even look like Pcee at all.
    She called for her mother to come. “Look, Mom, Pcee has changed! She doesn't look like a caterpillar anymore. She’s a butterfly! I always thought Pcee was pretty, but now she is beautiful. I can’t keep her in this aquarium any more. She needs to be outside so she can fly.”

Sarah took the top off the aquarium, and right away Pcee flew out and began flittering around the room. Then she went to the window and opened it. “You need to fly out the window, Pcee, so you can see how pretty things are outside. I think you’ll like the flowers all around the house.”
  Pcee flew to the window and landed on the ledge. Sarah said, “Go ahead, Pcee, go outside. You’ll like it.” Instead of flying out the window, though, she turned around to look at Sarah and flew over to her. As she held out her hand, Pcee landed on it, fluttering her wings.

This was Pcee’s way of saying, “Thank you, you’ve been so good to me.” Then she flew out the window to go see all the pretty flowers Sarah had talked about.
Following her to the window, Sarah looked out and said, “Bye, Pcee, we’ll see each other when I go outside to play!”
And whenever Sarah did go outside, Pcee would come to see her. The two of them would play and have lots of fun among the flowers where they first met.

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