About Sarah and Pcee

When I was in fourth grade, we were given an assignment to make up a story. This was a perfect assignment for me, so I made up a story about a kid finding a worm that he kept in his room in a jar. He would let it out from time to time and finally it spun its cocoon and emerged as a butterfly. I can’t remember everything about the story but the rough outline and a point or two; it was, after-all, some forty-five years ago. The teacher liked it so much she had me read it to the class.

That was an unusual experience for me back then because I made very bad grades in school, so it was always someone else being put before the class, certainly not me. The teacher evidently saw some potential in my writing and asked me to do another. I wrote a comparatively longer story about a kid that sees a spaceship land in his backyard, and subsequently, by his contact with the aliens, develops ‘spider powers’. Yes, I was an avid reader of Spider-man comics.

I have been working on a novel for about a year and am very close to being done with the finishing touches to make it ready for publication. Cindy suggested we try publishing something else first so we could see what is involved before trying to get our novel out. My fourth-grade assignment came to mind, and soon we had a story we could use to try self-publishing on Amazon. Even though it is rather straightforward and easy, we learned plenty on that first go-round and are glad we did it that way.

At the time I was writing Sarah and Pcee, I had no idea of turning it into a series, but other stories came into my mind, and so far now there are three Sarah’s World e-books on Amazon Kindle.