What goes in, must come out...

... or, "Come on, ice cream!"

My mother relates a story from her childhood that always makes me laugh, no matter how many times I hear it or repeat it.

One of her brothers liked to eat jalapenos. Of course, those of us who eat hot stuff do so for the burn in our mouths. I know there are more than just a few that don’t understand the pleasure of what they consider pain while eating, and I don’t think it could be explained in any rational way. But, anyway, the burn going in is one thing, the burn going out is quite another! -- and it is with reference to this that my uncle had what he believed to be an answer.

After eating jalapenos with his meal one day, he then ate some ice cream, thinking, ‘if it works for one, it might work for the other.’ My mother happened to be near enough to the restroom a little later to hear her brother appealing, “Come on, ice cream!”

So I’m sure you can understand, around her house the phrase ‘come on, ice cream!’ has a very unique meaning...