The wonder in my life

There is a line in a very famous song that has always bugged me from the first time I heard it. The song is “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton.

I like the song well enough, because I’m a sucker for love songs and romantic movies. (I did a little research on this song, it’s amazing what you can find on Wikipedia: It was written September 7, 1976 for Pattie Boyd, while Clapton was waiting for her to get dressed to go to a party thrown by Paul and Linda McCartney -- something called a “Buddy Holly” party that they held annually. Of course, who knows if that’s really true, but at least it makes a good story.)

He sings about how beautiful this woman is and how everyone looks at her when they go to the party, and then this is what follows:

I feel wonderful
Because I see the love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you

That line, ‘you don’t realize how much I love you’ just doesn’t follow the flow of the lyrics. He is saying what a wonder it is that such a beautiful woman is with him, and then he turns the whole point around by making it about himself and how this woman doesn’t know how much he loves her. It would have been a much better love song if he would have written something like: ‘the wonder of it all is that someone like you loves me’.

I have often thanked my wonderful wife for loving me, telling her I don’t know how someone as special as her would fall for such an ordinary guy; and I try to tell her as often as I can throughout the day what she means to me. After more than 30 years of marriage, I never tire of looking at her face... there is a loveliness about it that holds my attention and makes me marvel. Given the fact that my love for my wonderful lady has not ended, nor has hers for me, I would say that gives me some freedom to find fault with a love song, even if it is famous.