Eating organic

Our family tries to eat as much organic food as we can. I have always wondered, though, why organic foods cost so much more than food grown with pesticides and other poisons -- after all, the farmers do have to pay for all the stuff they spray on their crops, don’t they? That kind of farming is called “conventional farming”. There is something about that term, “conventional farming” that doesn’t sit very well with me, but more on that in a moment.

I decided to research the reason organic foods cost more, and I’m glad I looked that up, because even though we are eating organic for our health, I couldn’t help thinking someone was taking advantage of our desire for better health by raising prices unnecessarily. I pictured some wise guy laughing as he charges more, knowing people who are concerned about the toxic effects of pesticides, weed killers and fungicides are willing to pay more to be safe. I was glad to know that there seems to be legitimate reasons for the higher prices.

Now, back to that term conventional. The word is defined: based on, or in accordance with, what is generally done or believed.’ When you consider that for thousands of years everything that was grown -- plants and animals -- were grown with what we now call organic, or non-conventional methods... doesn’t it seem like something is backwards? Wouldn’t the thousands of years of growing foods one way be the conventional way? With regard to what is now known as “conventional farming”, it has only been practiced for less than a hundred years, and in addition to reaping higher yields of produce, it has also in so short a time correspondingly caused damage to our planet and humans likewise.

Please don’t confuse what I’m saying here with some ignorant wish for ‘the good ol’ days’ of hundreds of years ago, as if everything was better then. Anyone that has even the smallest knowledge of history knows better than that.
Obviously, there is no food today that is as pure as that grown hundreds of years ago. Buying organic really means buying less contaminated, and that is something I am willing to pay extra for.