What makes you happy...

Happiness, to some extent, could be considered a matter of semantics. After all, some may think of happiness as a fleeting feeling of elation, whereas others could think of it as a deeper, more enduring sense of well-being. In either case, I think most people that give the subject of happiness that kind of thought would agree that, even though the expression ‘whatever makes you happy’ is used everyday, it is not a matter of being made happy as much as it is being happy.

I often observed in my son as he was growing up (he is now in his mid-twenties) that he would be happy in such varying circumstances, some of which most kids would have been complaining, ‘it’s so boring’. He was satisfied wherever he was, regardless of whether there were other young ones or just a gathering of adults. When it was just adults, he would listen, laugh and have a good time, rather than complain that he was not somewhere else.

So it has struck me through the years watching my son, that what makes us happy is our own attitude or disposition to our circumstances. And we can all do something about that, to make ourselves happier than we might generally be.